Stealing a Heart with a Gem – A Diamond

It takes an effort to impress the love of your life. If you are planning on popping the question, how are you going to make that moment irresistible and unforgettable? The answer is simple. The secret is finding the right diamond. That’s how you make a lasting impression and demonstration of your love. That is how you establish yourself as the most eligible suitor.

Finding the right person to want to spend your life with is not an easy process. It is painstaking. But once you do, don’t fall into the temptation to slack into mediocrity. Show them your exceptional determination to give them the best if you. It starts with a ring. A carefully thought out one for that matter. That is how you sweep them off their feet into your future home.

A diamond ring is the biggest icon of engagement and marriage. Before you walk into a jewelry store, there are some nitty gritty you need to have at your fingertips. The below buying guide will help you find engagement stones that will forever bring light and joy into your marriage.

Mine some diamond facts

It pays dividends when you invest your time into finding the right gemstone. In order to but the best diamond, one must first understand four properties. These include cut, color, and clarity and carat weight. When it comes to color, crystal clear stones are the most beautiful and valuable, but there are also yellow diamonds in that case. The cut is basically the shape of the diamond or the intensity of its refraction. When it comes down to carat, this is the most common criteria we know of defining the value of a diamond ring. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. The average diamond ring is slightly under one carat.

Get insight from experts

It is not always about the money when it comes to the time to buy the best diamond ring. Buying a ring is different from buying stocks or bonds in the market. Remember that you are putting money into an item that’s designed to win over a heart. It could be the shape and color that appeal most to your loved one, and not necessarily the carats.

Before you make the purchase decisions, reach out to some experts to look at the piece of you have in mind. Requesting expert opinion is a smart move that will help you not only help you buy the best diamond ring, but also get the value for your money in that.

The brand cannot be ignored

With everything else that you need to get right when you want to buy the best diamond ring, the brand needs to sit weekly with your partner too. Every retailer has their own emblems and packaging styles. Stones from high-end retailers like the Blue Nile are considered fashionable, but that it’s prudent to know what your fiancée thinks first. Subtly pick their brains on what they consider to the best diamond shopping experience. You may find that they are okay with an online purchase from Michael Hill, or any other online retailer for that matter. You can be sure to beat down the price with online stores.

Second-hand doesn’t mean your love is second class

You don’t have to spend all your 401 k on a wedding ring. The best quality diamond rings stand the test of time, so you can be sure to get some quality pieces in the second-hand market too. Luckily for there is a huge supply of second-hand diamond rings to help you save on costs. As more and more people look to the knot in these sparkling stones, many others are calling it quits and putting theirs into safety box. One place to start is Del Gatto on the ‘I do Now I don’t’ website. Then again Amazon and eBay are awash with quality and affordable second-hand rings.

Your love isn’t fake, so don’t buy a fake

There are many criteria for spotting a fake diamond ring. For beginners, these rings tend to be heavier and with a high intensity of refraction. Having said that, cardsharps are getting smarter at replication. It’s only with the help of an expert that you will be able to spot a fake.

Customization and personalization is key

It means a lot when you personalize the diamond ring to reflect the personality of your fiancée. Trendy styles now include yellow diamonds with a considerable number of carats. Ovals shaped and pear-shaped cuts are also taking the markets by storm thanks to popular culture. The most current style also includes having tiny reflective stones surround the main diamond. You must have studied how your partner wears their other jewelry, this should inform you about their style and taste.

Hopefully, the above information will help you be an informed buyer and a successful proposer.