Factors to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Engagement Rings Online

When an individual decides to buy an engagement ring, it means things are getting serious. It is a sign of commitment to the marriage course. Well, a ring may cost a fortune but it worth the while. Therefore, during purchase, it is important to know what to buy, instead of guessing what might impress your lover.

Here in are the things to keep in mind before buying best engagement rings online.


It is important to keep in mind the price of a ring. It is pointless spending more than you can afford on a ring. All it causes is debt and other financial constraints. Ensure the cost fits in your budget. Otherwise, some aspects of your life will suffer the consequences. Try as much as you can to save cash. If you get a ring of a price lower than what you expected and you are sure your partner will love it, then buy it.

Diamond’s 4Cs

Diamond jewelry is special. In order to select the best engagement rings online, you require an understanding of the 4C’s cut, carat, color, and clarity. The four factors determine the grading of diamonds. Besides, they are used to set the price. A great diamond engagement ring has high standards in all the four areas.

Type of metal

Rings are either gold or platinum when it comes to the metal type. An easy way to know what to buy is considering your partner’s favorite metal. Silver wearers go with platinum and white old, yellow gold with as well yellow gold and rose gold with rose gold as well.

Stone type

Many people love diamond engagement rings. However, other stones can be just as good for example rubies, opals, emeralds and sapphires. A ring that combines the stones is also a good purchase. Remember the durability of the stone you choose. Diamonds and sapphire are last longer than the other stones though. The harder the stone the more durable it is. Nonetheless, go for what fits your financial status. It is possible to find a nice ruby or emerald ring that your significant other will like.

Partner’s style

By the time you are thinking about engagement rings, you should already know what her style is. Every woman has a style. Whether it is simple, sophisticated or expensive, there is a ring for everyone. Look at the stones of her jewelry. From here, think about the type of ring that will impress her most. Is it diamond, pearl, emerald or ruby? This way, it will be easier shopping than when you have no idea what her style is. If you are unable to decide what to buy, there is no harm in buying something common then replacing it later with her.

Ring size

People have different finger shapes. To identify the right size you should keep in mind factors such as the width of the ring and how your partner loves to wear her rings. One way to know the correct size is by slipping her ring finger ring on yours. Ensure you mark where it reaches. During purchase, reduce the size by a quarter. If this is too much to do, estimate her size. It is better to buy a large ring, which can be resized than a small one.


You will need GIA certification when considering to buy a brilliant cut, full carat diamond ring. Colored diamond rings do not require GIA authentication. Make sure you know the source of the diamond. The last thing you need is buying a ring made from illegally obtained materials. Recycled material is always a good choice.

Insurance and returns

An engagement ring may be one of the most expensive things you will ever buy. As you search for the best engagement rings online, think about getting an insurance plan. Visit your insurer with a receipt of your purchase. The insurance firm will cover risks such as loss and damages. Returns, on the other hand, depends on the type of ring. Many customized rings cannot be returned. Ready-made rings can be returned for repair or replacement.


With a guide on how to buy the best engagement rings online, you are in a better position to get your woman the ring she deserves. If you feel overwhelmed in deciding what to buy her, there is a simpler way. Talk to her mother, best friend or any other person she is likely to share her ring desires with.