At our blog we help you to keep you updated on current information and guide on how to you can get and buy diamonds, engagement rings, jewelry and many more.

1)Buying guide for Diamond

To most people who buys diamond, it’s a great and a significant investment, resulted by how expensive diamonds are.

Therefore, buying a diamond requires both emotional and financial commitment.

How to buy a diamond

a) First of all, identify the shape of the diamond that you desire. Then consider the the cut of the diamond since its the one that determine the quality of the diamond, since its the one that influence the diamond sparkles.

Before purchasing a diamond, one should use diamond cut grading scale and comparison chart to ensure one choose the diamond cut that fit you budget.

b) Consider the color of the diamond

One should know that the less colour a diamond has, the higher the diamond colour grade will be.

c) Consider the clarity

clarity it refers to how many tiny imperfections or inclusions that a stone contains.

It’s advisable to know the clarity of the diamond before a purchase.

d) Carat

This entails the weight of the diamond; hence explain the value of the diamond you choose. The higher the the carat of a diamond the bigger its is and more expensive it will be.

2) Buying guide for Jewelry.

when buying a jewelry, you have to make sure you buy the one that fits you budget and also the one that meets your preference and taste.

It’s Also highly advisable to consider the style style and the quality of the jewelry your are buying.

3) Buying guide for Engagement Rings

a) Budget

Even before you go to a store to buy an engagement ring, you should first consider how much you want to spend in purchasing it.

This help one to be realistic and be able to buy a ring that one can comfortably afford.

b) Style

Find the best and right style of your preference and taste.