A Guide on Purchasing Jewelry for Yourself

It feels great when you appreciate your hard work. Money is meant to be spent. Do not be too hard on yourself. Apart from renting a nice apartment, traveling or buying nice clothes, purchasing jewelry for yourself is fulfilling too. Make sure you select the best jewelry because you deserve it.

When you treat yourself by buying jewelry, it does not only feel good but also lifts your mood. Jewelry adds aesthetic value to your body, making you feel nice about yourself. In your endeavor to buy the best jewelry, keep in mind your style, lifestyle and financial status. Buy a piece that does not hurt your pocket.

Usually, we wait for friends, family or lovers to buy us jewelry. Therefore, we may not know what goes into buying the perfect item. However, identifying a piece that fits you cannot be too hard to figure out.

What you should do is some research, then window shop before deciding what to buy. As you move from store to store or browse one online platform to the next, you should come across something that melts your heart.

Spice up your wardrobe with some diamonds, gemstone or stud earrings. Variety is key here. Start small by buying, for instance, basic jewelry before the sophisticated ones. Nevertheless, remember to choose pieces that suit your style and budget.

Now, how do you ensure you buy the best jewelry for yourself

1. Know your style

The easiest way to know your style is looking at your closet. What type of clothes do you wear? Are you into suits, dresses, or sporty clothes? The jewelry you purchase should match your style. For example, jewelry that does not go well with suits may auger well with dresses or sportswear. Another aspect to keep in mind here is how often you will be wearing the piece. Some jewelry is for special occasions while others are good for everyday use. Think about that.

2. Level of sophistication/ the occasion

Do you want basic or outspoken jewelry? Basic jewelry goes with any dress code because it does not ‘scream’. Sophisticated pieces, which tend to be more expensive and more stunning, are suitable for those top-notch events you will be attending. Such events require you to dress for the occasion. You cannot afford to wear basic jewelry. You had better go to the event without jewelry at all, or else you will look out of place.

About basic pieces, it is possible to find diamond jewelry of a comfortable price tag depending on the carat weight. Therefore, spoil yourself with those diamond studs and look elegant wherever you go. Buy a gold chain neckpiece with whatever stone you want. White diamond necklaces look spectacular. A diamond bracelet will also do the trick.

When it comes to buying watches for yourself, there are casual and formal types to choose. You can also get a watch that suits both formal and casual occasions. Bracelets are not the only jewelry for your wrist.

After filling your jewelry boxes with basic items, it is time for the more sophisticated ones. Color and black diamonds are a good purchase. Sapphire studs are fantastic too. A necklace with a garnet or ruby is beautiful.

Charity events and theatre go well with a ringer featuring a big gemstone. A Saturday night is an easy one. Buy bigger, colorful jewelry for your nights out.

3. Budget

As a responsible person, make sure you buy the best jewelry that is within your means. It is unwise purchasing a piece that eats up most of your salary. If you have had your eye on a piece but money is tight, consider saving for it or using the extra money you get such as a raise or bonus. When you have no extra cash, all is not lost. Start with buying basics such as gold jewelry with no gemstones, chain necklaces or a simple ring. Besides, pearls can be more affordable yet give you a gorgeous appearance.

4. Warranty and insurance

Spend your money on jewelry that has a warranty of preferably one year. It takes care of cleaning and once over’s. If you find pieces with service plans, do not ignore them. A plan comes in handy when jewelry needs retipping, resizing or plating. Expensive pieces need insurance. This will give you peace of mind, as you will not worry about the safety of your jewelry.


The above factors provide a guide on how to buy the best jewelry for yourself. You are in a better position now to purchase the right piece for you.